Online Booking Price Guarantee

Terms & Conditions

We are confident our online prices are the lowest you’ll find. We guarantee you will not find the same accommodation cheaper, but if you do, we’ll refund the difference.

With our Price Guarantee you can

  • Price match up to 24 hours after confirming your booking with payment
  • Contact us to request a refund for the price difference

How it works

  • Found a lower price on another website? Ensure it’s the same room type on the same dates and there is availability
  • Email us at to request a refund quoting the URL of the website where you have seen it at a lower price
  • We will check the competitor price and once verified and confirmed we will adjust your account to the lower price and, if you’ve paid in full, we will issue a prompt refund

Please Note

We are unable to price match if the price is not available to the general public, e.g. if the offer is to a closed user group or paid via a loyalty programme.

  • Check availability